Why Search Intent has become a deciding factor in SERP ranking?

Why Search Intent has become a deciding factor in SERP ranking? 1

Keyword Research has always been the cornerstone of any SEO report or campaign. That is foundation for any SEO expert starting on a new SEO campaign. We start by researching the best keywords that rank high on SERPs. We also see that those keywords have considerable Monthly Search Volume. We also analyze the competitor websites using various tools. Then we try to optimize the site for the same.

But now Search Intent has become a major factor to provide most relevant SEO results. Search intent means:

  • what a person OR end user is typing in the Google search box
  • what exactly is he/she trying to find or what problem is he trying to solve
  • what action he is going to take once the Search Engine shows him/her the most relevant result

Search engines are focused on improving the user experience by a better understanding of search intent so that they can deliver relevant search results. On the other hand, advertisers strive to better understand the user’s intent in order to sell them relevant products and services.

Searches are performed with some intent — the user wants to find specific information. Search is also different from browsing. That is the reason search traffic is generally of a higher value to marketers than other types of web traffic.

There are three types of Searches:

1. Navigational Searches: They are used to perform with the intent of going directly to a specific website. For example Northwestern University, Chicago.

2. Informational Searches: They are used to research a specific topic. They may involve a broad range of queries. For example Local weather information, driving directions, disease symptoms, self-help information, etc.

3. Transactional Searches: They are of high value because they have the highest chances of conversion. For example Best Chinese Restaurant in New York. Once searched and the query is answered, the searcher might book a table online, instantly. Let us try to understand it through the infographic below.

Why Search Intent has become a deciding factor in SERP ranking? 2

Let us analyze it further.

A person is putting the keyword “sports shoes”. He might be looking to know more about sports shoes in general. At the same time, if the same person is searching the keyword “Adidas vs. Nike” it means he may be trying to compare two best brands in the fitness shoe Industry. He may have an intention to buy sports shoes soon.

Further, if he is searching for “Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoes vs Nike Men’s Liteforce III” then he might buy one brand instantly, once he has compared both the shoes. This comparison helps us understand the User’s Intent. If he is here to gather knowledge about a product OR he is serious about buying anything i.e. actual conversion.

Sometimes, you’ll also realize your assumption was wrong about what people were searching for.

Another example is you could think that people searching for “how to write good” are looking for copywriting tips. It is a great keyword for a company offering content marketing services, right?

Wrong, it might not be the case.

In reality, searcher typing this into Google might be looking for an autobiographical book titled “How to Write Good”. A well-known You Tuber, Ryan Higga, is the author of this book.

User Intent research has come up as a major factor in SEO and conversion optimization. If our content and keywords align well with a searcher/user intent, it will make sure that the website will show on the top pages of Google Search. Also, keep in mind the semantic aspects of the search and the probable intent of the person performing the search.

A good way to determine searcher intent around a keyword or a search phrase is to look at what Google is ranking on Page One for that search term.

This is a major SEO strategy, and it’s something that very few people talk about. You have to give the people what they want. A part of that is doing research and looking at what’s out there, actually ranking. Then determined by the percentage of search results that are in that Top Ten results of the page.

Your pages must be well written and researched. They should also meet the actual needs of your potential users. Each page must present a coherent theme. Search engines should understand what need it is attempting to meet. It is also vital that you understand what your customers’ needs are. Also, whether they are able to meet those needs with the information they find on your pages.

When we hire an SEO team, they will first see what you’re trying on rank for. They will also try to match up searcher intent with what you have on the page. It means, they will re-align your content so that it satisfies their Intent. This steps leads to higher ranking and also a higher conversion rate.

Google built its current algorithm around Rank Brain, a machine learning (AI) algorithm. Google uses it to sort and improve search results. You have to solve the jigsaw by placing the answers Google gives and the buyer intent it correlates to. You will not only rank better but also offer better versions of your product or service.

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